Saturday, January 12, 2013

Herr Zog's Elf Lishe, for adoption

Herr Zog has up for sale a rare and beautifully painted Elf Lishe. I assume if you are a Den of Angels member it is listed there--she also has listed on the Den of Angels Marketplace a modified Sleeping Fairyland Chloe, blank, for 100 USD (not counting the EMS shipping). I looked at that one for a long time, before I decided I didn't need *another* loose head. Even if Chloe could share bodies with my Christopher, who is on a Feeple body. And the mods are very nicely done. Here is the flickr page with the Elf Lishe, there are more photos in the photostream.

HerrZog's Elf Lishe (full doll)

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