Thursday, January 24, 2013

Famous Dog

Back in 2008, Soom released a doll (Soom Heliot) that I thought was the Craziest Doll Ever.

Heliot Link

Soom had already done several dolls with "pony feet", so that I was used to--but this guy was a unicorn. With wings. And blue makeup and a "bite me" expression. And he sold so well that everyone had to wait 6 months for Soom to clear out the backlog and ship everyone their sulky unicorns, which caused a lot of wailing and made Soom post up a promise to ship within 100 days or refund some of the cost of the doll. (Which I think is nice of Soom, but uncalled for--they are art pieces, not refrigerators).

Of course my friend Cat was not willing to have just another unicorn-with-wings at her house. She wanted a poodle. A pink poodle. So "Edgar" was delivered to her house and fitted up with a diamond collar and a fabulous pink wig and proceeded to take "walks" up and down Long Island, visiting car shows and doll meets with equal aplomb. Edgar looks immensely good-natured. He also looks like he reads the New Yorker and takes all the diamonds and chiffon because he wants to humor Cat. He does own a leather jacket that Cat made him and he looks "right" in it--pink wig and diamond collar and all. I think Cat should take more pictures of him (and all her other dolls).

And... it was 9 degrees F when I went out this morning, and the space around the horse trough heater is clear. I don't see any fish floating on the surface, so maybe the heater works.

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