Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Cat's Crown 4

Yes, I have pulled more dolls out of storage today--Roswell, the doll above, has been in a box since I moved from New Jersey, so it was time to unpack her anyway. She is a Rit-dyed, modded Vampire Elf Soo from Luts, and if you look way back on the blog Roswell's head arrives you can see what she looked like before. She's a lot of fun. Next is a mysterious Minimee someone commissioned and then abandoned at Buff's door, so neither of us know who he is supposed to be, but at my house he is just the resident crazy guy. Here he looks like he is still celebrating New Year's:

Then there is the sullen Angel of Dream Ruo Feng, Antimony, who has, hands down, the Worst Eyewells of any doll I have owned, including the Tender Lahoo I once had and the AoD Zi Yuan. It's a shame, too, because she has a fun little face and really excellent resin, is perfectly engineered and sanded like a dream. But not only are her eyewells too long and too shallow, they aren't even the same shape between the two of them. I still need to find some soft eyes I can squish in there to make do, but for now they are some ratty old acrylics held in with earplug silicon.

Then there is Ellis, the Kabuki Ghost, whose backstory is too complicated to put here. He's a Fairyland Vampire Moon on a Souldoll body that was modded for an old Vincent the Beast Minimee, so it was cheap, and it's fun to pose:

Then there is Fu Bai, a Soom Sphaler with Chalco legs (though you can't see them):

And this doll I am not really supposed to have--it's the "old version" of Rain, who is now an IoS "G"; this version is a Dream of Doll Lahoo head on a Impldoll Star body. Common sense and fiscal prudence would say that then you redo a doll, you should sell the old one..but I just couldn't quite bring myself to do that, so he stays tucked away in a box and I pretend that I sold him.:

And here is Willow, a Dollmore Bella Auden. She looks nice with the crown, so she may get to wear it now and then. (I do need to take her wig and dip it in hot water to loosen the curls, and style it a little more):

And here is the intended recipient of the crown, Winter, a Soom Cuprit. This was the last photo I took today, since I ran out of daylight again.

I think I have about 5 more stragglers left, including one I have to string up.

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