Sunday, January 27, 2013

New Super Gem Male Stringing Guide

(Hopefully Soom will send a stringing guide when they ship out the kits, but in case they do not, I took some photos.)The longest piece of elastic they send with the kits is the one that goes through the legs (and only the legs, not up into the torso.) Aside from that, it's less complicated than it looks. The big changes from the old body are the hands and the head, and you can see the inside of the head here:

Soom's Faceplate System

Here is the rest of the joints so you can see which way they go together. The shoulders are a little tricky because the "nubs" need to slot into those grooves:

Elbow ("stem" goes up):

Hand (put "c" on last so you can squeeze the prongs):

Chest Plate inside. Head string goes to hips, comes back up.

Photo Below: The string closest to my hand is the one that goes to the head--as you can see in the sketch, that is all it does--just holds the head on by looping through the hips. The lower string here connects through the "hip tunnels" to the thighs--the thighs connect to each other:


Ankle and foot resin hook--"flange" goes back towards the heel:

I have to warn you that you can make the legs only so tight on the first Tremo bodies, and you have to keep the knot small and with no trailing ends. You can't string up into the torso or he can't sit. Now Soom has changed this--the newer male bodies since Tremo (and maybe the Ice Dragon) have room in the thighs for the knot.

Omake of patient model "Bird", Soom Tremo:

Also,here are some photos of Benmore-Cernunnos being strung:

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