Korean Weather Delays

Resinsoul, a Den of Angels member, had a chance to pick up her dolls directly from Iplehouse while she was visiting in Seoul. Iplehouse very wisely lets the occasional customer tour around the showroom and upstairs meeting rooms, and the word gets around about how Iplehouse works and how the sculpts are developed, all of which makes Iplehouse fans very happy, even occasional customers like me. Apparently things have been running behind this winter--I hadn't noticed it from Iplehouse, because I have nothing on order from them right now, but I have been full of ants for my Soom doll to come, and I may have to wait a little longer. Here's part of Resinsoul's post:

Here is where I had to ask the question...Delays? What was up? And I already knew the answer. Weather and logistics! South Korea has had the coldest winters in about 40 years. This is confirmed too by news reports and my close Korean friend. It was so cold all week I was there and rained two whole days. Even in the sunniest day I was there the temperature read -13C! Iple produces their dolls in a factory a little distance away, the dolls are not produced on site. Although they have a little lab in the basement, only sample dolls are produced in their lab. I told her how some of us, most of us, were really quite confused by the delays and some were really mad! Joo Young explained that everything is designed here at Iple HQ, but mostly everything is done and made elsewhere. For example, Mari's braided wig, China, and that wig caused a huge many delays because they just weren't get it right in China a they had to keep sending back. Clothes and so on too, can cause a delay.

Note to self--buy clothes and wigs separately. So Merry's head may not come from Soom (I am assuming Soom also casts in Seoul) until she actually has a full set of clothes. Not a bad thing.

The photo above is of my backyard firepit, an old truck wheel hub, now full of water. It will ice up again Thursday. Right now it is 60 degrees F.