Monday, January 21, 2013

Beware, not all elves are equally useful

Reposted from Ilsonya's blog,( and run through Google's translator) a post by meeuw

Monday is rarely happy with good news, and today is no exception. Trash in the number will be a little later, but for now - official communication from SPIRITDOLL . The office found that their Limit(ed) Dark actively butlezhat (bootlegged), therefore warns those who are going to buy it on the secondary market: the real dolls to be branded carrying a certificate and a plate on the back. In addition, Dark was never released in any other skintone than gray. In general, beware, not all elves are equally useful.

Recasts (where people take existing dolls and make a new mold from them and then sell them as if they were the genuine product) are getting to be a huge problem, especially for people like me, who buy (or used to buy) mostly from the secondary market. I don't buy dolls from Ebay unless I know the seller, and even on Den of Angels I look to see that the certificate is offered and the pieces are what is supposed to come with the original set, whatever it was. It used to be that recasts were more obvious because the quality was poor, but last year I saw some photos of a flawless Migma..but cast in a color that Soom doesn't offer. So all the work and time that Soom put into developing Migma was being parasited off by some other person with no stake in the company, or it's long term health. And that is bad news for those of us that want the doll companies and artists to be able to make money and flourish.

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