Polly has been an ongoing project for a couple of years. I had some Galena bird feet I wanted to make a harpy with, and a nice DollZone Celine head I wanted to use for the head, but I needed an inexpensive body for the middle, but one that the knees were compatible with the bird feet. The Impldoll Star body is compatible with the old Soom fantasy parts (on purpose, I think) but the Impldoll body I have here was strung so tightly I knew I would have to restring the whole thing to get the feet on, and for a long time I had no spare elastic. Recently I got a "junk" Soom female body (broken knee, six holes drilled in the back) and that is what Polly is on at the moment.

You can see she is on a stand here. You would think with those huge feet she would stand like a rock, or at least a roc, but the angle of the knees and hips is too extreme to balance the torso when the knees are locked.

I will either need to modify the knees or the hips...or unstring the Impl body and try Polly on that instead. (Her head would fit better on the Impl body as well, the neck on the DollZone head is smaller than the Soom neck, so she sits on top.) Those are Soom Nephelin hands, by the way.


OK, I restrung her onto the Impl body and it works great--she can even sit now. And the head fits perfectly. The knees don't lock but there is enough support inside the thigh she can stand straight up, and the twistable "mobility thigh" makes up for the non-movable bird feet. Now she just needs underwear. :D