I've been doing a lot of romance covers, which I enjoy a lot. They do have their own challenges, though. My favorite publisher makes me set type, which I do not enjoy so much, and getting an interesting design with type is a different skill set than just painting. I like this cover a lot, but the challenge was "cleavage". The problem is that cleavage, by nature is horizontal and a bit repetitive, like this: oo . So if you have a dark cover, with light cleavage, and a lot of "o"s in the title, you can have problems, it's not very dynamic. (This is why sometimes you see women on historical covers in odd positions, so the design gets some diagonals like this o* or this*o, or there is a lot of flowing hair or ribbons. For this one it helps a lot that the "of the" is smaller, and her hand makes a vertical shape to help make an edge after "Ann". And bless the author for having a short name. This cover isn't approved yet, but I am hopeful.