Granado's Davon

This photo does not do this guy justice. He's just gorgeous. I looked at him for a long time on the Granado website but...another head, you know? I already have a Gitana head on order. And then someone on Den of Angels made it possible for me to get him (a) instantly and (b) for slightly less than directly ordering one, because of the difference in shipping. So here he is, and he is amazingly lovely.

I'm hoping I can do a decent job painting him--if not, I'll send him to Buff to paint up. I did remember to order him some Safrin eyes so he'd at least have those, if no wig and no body. Here he is crudely photoshopped onto a body:

Like Granado's other heads, he is limited..I made the mistake of assuming Boyd, the first doll Granado created, would be a standard, and have been kicking myself ever since for not ordering him when I could.

Granado is having a "body event" starting Feb 1-3 if you need a Granado body, but I think you should buy a whole doll. Someone will want whatever head you get with the body.

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