Super Gem Female Corset pattern (beta)

(Clicks up larger). For unknown reasons, my graph paper is ruled into useless 5ths of an inch, so there is an almost equally useless ruler on the side. Also, it really is beta. I just flattened the blue tape form onto the graph paper and traced around it--I haven't done a test cut and sew of fabric yet to see where there are mismatches. For lining you have to cut a second full set of pieces, so you would have 2 fabric pieces for each pattern piece: one pair of fashion fabric, one pair of lining. You also have to add overlap in the back if you want to use snaps or velcro.

If you want to see how it looks cut out, go here:

Corset Cut Out

Here is how the tape form looks on Headless Merry:

If you only tape half the doll it's a lot easier to get the form off. With humans, it's easy to cut the duct tape + t-shirt off with surgical scissors, because humans are squishy and you can slip the blunt scissors ends under the tape/t-shirt. Dolls are not squishy at all, which is also why there is the odd bust dart where it is--a real person in a corset would not need the extra shaping unless they had silicone implants. :D