Bored Cats

It's cold outside, and the gray cat has a hole in his coat where the vet shaved him, so he doesn't like being out too long. And he's bored. He's tired of the laser pointer, the string, the tissue paper, and the catnip mouse. Here he is hoping I will put something interesting in his plates, which are sitting on the table. (He knows they are his). On the other hand, Stripey can always entertain herself.

Here Stripey is watching ants, and occasionally getting down to eat a few, and then getting back up again. (Yes, we have ants, after managing to evict the mice. They are living under the kitchen and enjoying the heater duct providing them with free heat.) In any case, the ants are keeping Stripey busy for hours at a time.

So this afternoon I was sitting in the studio, cursing at type (I think Kirsten is what Comic Sans would date) and trying to find something both elegant and legible on a smart phone, (which are two incompatible goals), when I heard a scuffle from the dining room. The gray cat had found something to do:

That is the tablecoth off the dining room table. They know not to pull off the gold and laurel leaf tablecloth, but they must not have gotten the memo about the black and gray cloth. I rescued Stripey and the tablecloth, and the gray cat went back to sit by the window and look at his plates.