Super Gem Corset, cut out, pattern edited

1-26-2013 Edit: First of all, I had to make some changes to the pattern after I cut out and stitched together the pieces shown below. I forgot to add extra fabric at the bottom of piece no 2 to compensate for what I folded up into the bust dart, and the back of the corset was..way too wide. The center back piece looks like it's not needed except for an overlap for a back fastening corset.

Here's what the pattern from Super Gem Female Corset (beta) looks like with the lining and the top fabric cut out. The pieces are in order and the center front piece is a different color than the rest on purpose. :D I haven't had a chance to sew it up as work has kept me busy.

In other news, J replaced the sump pump, so the plumber will have to find another customer to make his next boat payment.

I fished out the paper from the pond--it turned out to be the label on the floating de-icer Pond Saucer of Disappointment. I also saw my mistake:

Do not immerse. OK. I suspect they mean "underwater completely" and the problem was still the thermostat or the plug. The trough heater in the fish pond is working though... too well...the water in the pond has reached 45 degrees F, which will open a whole new set of problems if the water hits 50 F--the fish will come out of their coma and start eyeing me for food, two months too early.