Your Lack of Underwear Disturbs Me

I've got a lot of dolls with hooves now. I thought I was being clever and solving the shoe problem (doll shoes cost as much as my shoes), but then I discovered I couldn't get pants or even stretchy American Girls underwear over the hooves. I needed something that could be put on like a diaper, with side fastenings. So last night I took some painter's blue tape and a paper napkin, and made a pattern by sticking the tape to the doll and then carefully lifting it off, and then clipping the curved parts (just the rear end) to flatten it. In the picture above, you can see the darts on the sides of the underwear. Here's the tape/paper napkin form (and the slightly cleaned up paper version--each box on the grid is 1/5 of an inch.)

The edges were finished by clipping 1/4 of an inch along the curve, folding it under and topstitching it. The lace should have gone over the stitching line, but I chose lace that was too narrow. Next time I will use 1/2 inch lace, I think.

I still need to do more versions of this pattern and clean up the fit on the sides--the front and back are supposed to overlap neatly at the sides, which they do not right now; and instead of velcro on the sides I think I will put on two tiny snaps with bows on top to hide the stitching. I will also make some more panties for my Soom girls with feet, since I think I have 2 pairs of undies for 9 girls. Also they are quick to sew. :D Then I need to make some matching tops.

It would also be nice if Merry had a head....