Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Fine Coat of Mister Super Clear

     I have been spraying heads and hands in this little box, over a lining
of parchment paper, and it made this thin layer of plastic over the 
parchment paper. Apparently nothing sticks to parchment paper. :D

    Also in the Department of Surprising things, I had read that bees have learned to bite through the
sides of trumpet-style flowers, having grown tired of the floral bullshit of having to back down and up a narrow tube to get nectar. I hadn't seen this behavior before in my own bumblebees--until this year, when sure enough I found the Mandevilla flowers with big old bee bites in them:

These holes let the bees get at the nectar without the climbing.
So you have to wonder, how do the bees figure this out? Did they read it  in the bee paper?
On the bee Internet? On the bee radio? Through the grapevine? :D

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