Monday, May 16, 2016

A Goth SID Harace

Harace is a chameleon--I'm not really fond of her default makeup, but apparently you can make her look entirely different depending on where you put her eyebrows or how you shape her lips. This jaded Goth girrl Harace is the current auction offering, and just barely above 500.00 at the moment.

 I love and hate the auctions--I bought a NYID Bliss and the next week they listed another one with a cute faceup for about 200.00 less than I paid for Bliss, but at the same time it's so fun to see the alternative makeups and styles that the Iplehouse artists come up with. They also have added a Buy It Now button so if you really, really want that particular doll you can swoop down and pick it up; though I am not sure it works if there are already bids put down?

 Though at the moment, it seems like vermont chick is my discount Iplehouse supplier--she has downsized all her "big" dolls down to just a few and she now mostly has these little Dollmore and Raccoon Doll cuties, which I try not to look at too hard. They are very cute. You should check out her blog "As the Resin World Turns", link on the sidebar.

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