Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Iplehouse Bull Terriers

I am not even a real "dog person" but these guys are so cute! Whoever paints them is a genius--go look at the sales page and scroll down to see the different colors. I am not sure what eyes they are using--they look "right" for the dogs and a little unusual for people eyes. They are 273.00 with painting (and I think painting is really part of the charm here), not counting the EMS shipping. Here are some of the dogs with pet-lover Bliss:

Bliss' pet food bill must be staggering :D Look how great the dog on her lap is posed! Like the cats, whoever designed these photoshoots understands how the dogs move and interact. Here's another photo for scale--the Puma is the size of a domestic housecat.

I would get one, but I am still trying to get a lawnmower...I need the PayPal refund so I can go back out and get the lawnmower I want, instead of the 500.00 lawnmower from Costco. I refuse to pay most of a Soom doll for a mower, especially when I have a functional push mower--it just doesn't cut as neatly as the electric mower.

And also in garden news, I have managed to hook together 3 hoses, and I now can water the vegetable patches in the back. Later today I am going to plant 3 pepper plants, and see how they do (peppers are temperamental for me). But having a good water supply is a must.

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