Thursday, May 12, 2016

Posing An Iplehouse Female SID

So this is Marilyn, who is an Iplehouse Jessica head on an SID body--she was one of the first "rolling heads" Iplehouse sold in 2012 and believe it or not, she is WS--she just got creamy fast, so now she is more NY.
   "I can't pose for you, I have heel feet on. Get Doria to pose."

"You want me to wear this? This is the top...of a sock."

"You know, other people's Jessicas have fancy lingerie. With lace."

"And corsets. With embroidery."

"OK, this thing is on. What do you want me to do?"

"EWWW that's mine!"

"I have to do everything myself."

"By the way, you need to burn these. I saw you made Luna wear them."

"Stand? On flat feet? Even the Soom girls can do this."

"They might be able to do this too..."

"Ok, sitting is harder for them." (Hums a little tune)

"You could sell them all and just keep me?" (Nice try, Marilyn)

"Do you need this pose often? "

"Take me to..Funkytownn.."

"This is hard on the back."

"Did I lose a hairpin?"

"Are we done? Because I am done."

"You want me to touch my toes??"

"OK, touching the toes. Are we done now?"

As you can see, the SID is a very good poser, even without a lot of forward mobility. The stretch pants actually help stabilize her knees and hips; they were made either by Dorset on Etsy or beachgirlnikita on ebay. (Both artists make similar styled and sized clothing, I think beachgirl is retiring, so check Dorset if you need stretch pants or casual clothing in general.) I probably should make Marilyn some slightly more glamorous clothes.

"A new wig means I have to keep wearing this top, doesn't it?"


  1. You have such a gift for this!! And do tell, where did you get the awesomely beautiful shirt robe she's wearing in the beginning?

    1. I am very silly ;)
      I got the kimono-thing from Baakay who said she thought she got it from Denver Doll...maybe. I have a red one as well, they are gorgeous! Everyone has to share them. I think they are made of Sari fabric.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I want to commission things from you but I know this is not a good time :(


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