Monday, May 2, 2016

Miss Bliss

Although it looks like Bliss has just discovered a bottle of Maybelline, I am really happy with her as both a sculpt and a cast--it was a beautiful, clean cast and apparently just sitting on the shelf, because the time between when Iplehouse received her money, and she arrived on my doorstep was..5 days. So of course I had nothing for her, though Marcia of Facets by Marcia was able to get me her wig in 3 days. (I have to always recommend Marcia for Monique wigs, she is wonderful). Homemade eyes and cut down "people eyelashes" really don't show how very cute and expressive this sculpt is. :D


  1. She's beautiful!! Congratulations on the new girl! Also wow iplehouse.

  2. Thank you! Yes, it was so fast it was almost too fast! I am so used to a 2 month minimum that I thought I had plenty of time to make her some custom clothes..and buy eyes :o


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