Thursday, May 19, 2016

Tree Work

The old, old magnolia tree in front of out house was in bad shape--it had a great year last year, and then this year just looked sick, and the larger branches were developing cracks, so I decided it was time to take it out. (It was also a convenient way for raccoons to get on our roof). So we had a local company, "For the Trees" come out and remove it and also a lot of stuff in the back. I had no idea they were a huge, professional operation. Picture my surprise this morning when a whole cavalcade of trucks came at 10:30 AM (half an hour early) to discover me with my hair unbrushed and still Before Coffee. At least I was up and dressed. They did a superb job, though there were a few surprises.

This is just normal tree chipping. I had a lot of brush and small trees in the back, and they trimmed back a huge maple as well. But when they started on the magnolia, one side cut normally...

But the other side cut normally for one second and then there was fluff and feathers everywhere, just as if someone had taken a chain saw to a pillow; it turns out the whole huge branch was hollow and full of nests:


So it was a good thing we took it down when we did--it was also nice that it was squirrels and woodpeckers... and not bees. We still have at least one of these guys nesting in the rocks by the front steps. As long as they stay outside, I think they are cute:

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