Saturday, May 21, 2016

Iplehouse Hands

If you go here , you can find all kinds of miscellaneous option parts--hands, feet, Bianca's wings (you still need the chest piece, maybe from Doll Choice), the little horns from the Addiction series, tabi toes feet, boxing hands...pretty much any small resin item you may have a need for--even those annoying "C" covers for the wrists. I love option hands, so I have been saving up for some gun/sword hands for my Doria (though they will be staff/wand hands for my Senior Elf), some pointy hands for Bex to annoy people with, or push spaceship buttons, (whichever seems appropriate), and some Scary Hands for Perdita, which are handy (cough) because the NYID fingers seem a bit delicate, so some extras will be nice. Also the Pointer and Gun hands are much easier to stuff into sleeves, so I am looking forward to that. Oddly enough I have never broken an Iplehouse hand, either in transit or just around the house--something about the casting or the design seems to make them sturdier than other companies hands. Even those delicate NYID hands.

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