Sunday, May 8, 2016

How Well Does an Iplehouse EID Girl Pose?

I have a fairly new EID body who has an older Luna head, and I was curious to see how easy it was to coax her into action poses. I wanted her to be able to stand, etc. securely enough on her own that I could step back and take a photo without her toppling over. Luna has no sueding or wiring, so these photos are what you would get "out of the box:" assuming you had ordered the Mobility Thigh. I also drew stupid underwear on her to make these Safe For Work, as I have not yet made her the leopard set she wears occasionally. (She is the newer version of my "Hyacinth the Barbarian") Standing is no problem for her--the only good thing about Iplehouse ankles is the dolls stand like rocks with no support.
She can bend her arm up to touch her face, and keep her arm up. The elbow is quite the engineering project, though.
Here she is resting on her knee--like the elbows, the knees are double-jointed. They do "pull out" in some poses, though.
I was impressed by this, though she did have a tendency to want to fall sideways because she doesn't have quite enough "grip" in her ankles. I think hot glue sueding would fix that.

This is where the slippery ankles made it too hard for her to stand unsupported--her legs cross quite well with the mobility thigh, and might even do this without them, but the ankles wanted to slide out of position.

Sitting is fine! She can't point her toes, but she doesn't fall over backwards like most strung dolls do. The elastic crossing in the pelvis really makes a difference in how well these dolls sit. She can cross her legs with the mobility thigh:

She cant lean forward at the hips, though--the edge of the torso touches the top of the thigh, so there is no room to go forward. This is true of most dolls. Waist joints fix this problem pretty well, but she only has a bust joint, and it doesn't move much:

That's the best she can do to lean forward. She can hold her legs up unsupported, though!

Everyone else here needs wire to do that successfully. She can stand with her legs apart, but not too far, and she tends to snap her legs back together if she is bumped:

And while she has double jointed knees, they get weird when she does the "schoolgirl sit" (To be fair I couldn't do that even if you paid me, I would have the same problem with my knees:)

So overall I would say she is a good, stable poser, she looks good with clothes covering the joints as long as the clothes have some stretch to accommodate the joint movement, and a she's very good model for clothes, as she will stand still while you fiddle with hair and buttons without needing a stand. She's a bit heavy for action poses and her lack of a waist or hip joint does limit some poses, and the ankles are trash.. but some hot glue would help them. Overall she is very well engineered, especially her arms, and the newer heads have slots to give a large range of head mobility (Luna is too old for these). I'd say the EID would be my first choice for glamour shots or costume shots, but maybe not for photostories where you need a lot of expressive movement.

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