Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Iplehouse Haute Couture

It's not billed as a separate "line" of clothes, but Iplehouse has snuck out several stunning dresses--this one for the NYID body (you need a large or glamor bust to fit the dress properly).
(Isis looks amazingly different here--almost smiling!)
 Also there is one for the SID woman that is equally glamorous.

But wait there is a pink one too with Raffine (aww, so pretty):

And yes, there is even a dress for Debbie Downer, Harace herself, still looking pissed off at the world in spite of having this glorious dress to wear. Maybe her legs are cold. (I also love the jewelry that comes with these dresses!)
And finally there is one with Miss Vera, Fashion Designer--"I made this myself!" (Shoes not included, sadly)

And Pamela say "Wait, wait, don't forget meee" (Which I did, until Monique reminded me in the comments). She has some gorgeous ornaments with her dress:

(my Snip tool cropped her a bit so you should go look). I'm always a little tempted by rascally Pamela and her big eyes, though right now I have no space for her.

And look! The shoes themselves, in pink or blue.
(Why are tiny shoes so awesome? They just are :D )


  1. I really love this collection! I actually bought the two dresses that Harace and Raffine are wearing, as well as the pink shoes (crazy I know). There is also another one-shoulder dress in the green satin worn by Pamela that you forgot to include which is also lovely.

    They are all inspired by Haute Couture designers. At least two I recognise as being Elie Saab 'inspired' designs and the one Harace is wearing is almost exactly the same as a Zuhair Murad F/W 2010 design.

    Also, what you said about Harace being Debbie Downer is so true haha! I think her makeup looks really nice, soft and realistic in this series but she still looks pissed off! Perfect for a high-fashion model I suppose lol!

    1. Yes, I missed Pamela--apparently I happened to be grabbing photos around the time they were uploading them, and I need to add her! Harace's outfit is my favorite and you have a good eye to spot the designers! And congratulations! (especially on those shoes <3). I've always been happy with the workmanship on Iple clothing. I hope you can show them off when they come!


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