Friday, May 27, 2016

May Flowers

At last, all the rain has brought flowers! The iris are open! I would buy more, but they are so expensive per rhizome, I should try to swap plants with the lady who lives behind me, who has some really nice (huge) iris.

The rose has survived long enough to bloom! (Rosa Rugosa)

And the dreaded petunias. I might even buy more, much as I hate how they feel (ugh sticky) and smell (like wet paper). Also the red one. Why?

Chives! I bought them for potato garnish, and then never got around to cooking with them. I love them as flowers but don't try them as cut flowers inside, unless you want to keep wondering who left out onions.'s apparently a native shrub to the Midwest, I had never heard of it before I saw it in a local garden magazine. I would do the whole back fence of it if I could find more than one bush at a time (and had the energy to dig all the holes for the bushes in the heavy local clay). It's a beautiful bush even when it is not in bloom, and seems very cold-hardy.

Salvia. It looks great now, the bees love it, but it will look weedy and sad later in the fall. I will keep having to remind myself then it's not a weed and not to pull it up.

Siberian Iris and overly-long grass. I did get my refund from Home Depot, but I have not ordered a new mower; I will probably be buying a new transmission next week. I feel like I should buy the transmission a little pink dress and googly eyes and take it out for photoshoots, since it will probably eat the rest of this year's doll money. On the other hand, the dolls are not great at carrying me to the store or J to work, so it's a trade off.

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