Friday, May 20, 2016

Ashley's New Boots and Soom New Eyes

I found a bjd shoe dealer on Ebay "Sweetiiger" and the prices seemed reasonable, so I ordered a pair of elaborate tall boots, and they came today. There is a lot of handwork in them, they fit well (they say they are "SD16" size, and they fit Ashley perfectly (she is on the Soom 2012 body). This color is "wine"--it's sort of a brownish purple--Ashley's gray skin makes it look more purple than it really is. She can stand in them, too!

Along with the super boots came a box from Soom, with the long-awaited Garnet Romantic Holiday set. Ash is wearing the shorts and bra top that came with the set, the socks were adorable, but alas the sweater is designed to be pulled over her head, and I have decided that is No Good for faceups and eyelashes, so I need to alter it a bit so it opens down the back. It is very cute, though. Here is everything in it's original packing:

I was impressed with the new eyes, they are brightly colored and very clear. The dome on the smaller eyes is a bit high, but it may be that I just didn't read the description carefully before I ordered them. The Candy eyes are low dome, so I am hoping they might fit in my vampire Perdita; I just didn't have time to try them today.

Here's another one of Ashley with her oversized scarf:

The wig Akutenshi made is so perfect for her--I still need to put in her lashes (I have to make them) and do her nails--pyromancers need fancy nails :D


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