Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Posing An Iplehouse NYID

Since I did a series with Luna the EID, I thought it would be fun to do a posing series with Ivy the NYID. Ivy is an Iplehouse Eva, and she is normally sold on the Senior Iplehouse Body (SID), but I think her previous owner bought her through Doll Choice, or as a Special (Ivy is Realskin) and Iplehouse  put her on the NYID body instead. It's a very successful combination, and I think the first owner would have kept her except that somehow she turned very green in spots (you can see the difference between her shins and her feet--the previous owner just had her in heel feet.). Since here Ivy is an elf, green is awesome! I do need to blush those feet olive to match. She is also very, very loose, so I wasn't sure she would hold poses at all. I am happy to say I was wrong. :D

(This one is a slight cheat, she is leaning against the board, and I didn't notice until I went to move her). No one is touching their toes here, either--the Iple girls are just not designed to do that, or point their toes.

 I was surprised how well Ivy did without the mobility thighs. She does have hot glue in her ankles-- and it doesn't do much good--it might if I tightened her up. The biggest help is the ratchets on the hip--they keep the hip from moving, and also her center of balance is low with the bigger hips. Her bust joint moves really well since she is a noodle :D
I think the NYID body is my favorite of the choices Iplehouse has. Most of the girls will fit on it too--only Luna and Carina and Scarlett have heads too big to really work visually on the neck and shoulders. Asa looks really cute on the NYID, too.

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