Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Iplehouse Olivia

As I mentioned in the previous blog post, vermont chick has become my supplier of choice for Iplehouse people, and last week she sent me an NYID Olivia. This Olivia also happens to have a really excellent default faceup, and as usual she is so much prettier in person than even the Iplehouse promo photos would make you think. She also is beautifully cast--for some reason all the NYID girls I have seen have sharp, clean details. Like everyone else, she needs clothes, though she has quite a few shoe choices since she shares her foot size with all the other Iplehouse women, regardless of size. (So nice!) She came with darker eyes, which I also liked--so I am not sure which ones she will keep.

 Her eyewells are a lot more of a standard 12mm than the other Iplehouse dolls I have, so all the Glib and Safrin eyes fit quite well, and all the colors I put in her looked great.

I was hoping to take more photos of her today but ..it's cold and rainy. Obligatory cat photo:

There is a robin nesting on the ledge of my house in a not-great place ..raccoons use that ledge for a walkway. But for now here is the derpy Mrs. Robin. Maybe she will be lucky:

(The reflection is from me taking the photo from inside with a telephoto lens).

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