Monday, May 2, 2016

May Day

It seems that we always end up at Home Depot on May Day here; partly because if you want to plant little plants "When all danger of frost has passed", this is it. April was cold and wet at the end, and our heater is still running (though we need to replace the thermostat, it reads colder than it should). I think our local Home Depot is now used to me taking photographs in the aisles--and I am not subtle, as I am using a regular camera and not a phone. (my phone is not smart).
Yes, it's petunias. The yellow ones are looking rough from the rain, but the plants themselves are healthy.

More of the Mandevilla--I love those things. I actually got one to overwinter in New Jersey in the house, though it refused to bloom the second year.
And completely randomly, I found another Culver's sign I hadn't downloaded from my camera:

Now that is a salad!
Bonus, tulips we planted last year:

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