Monday, May 9, 2016

The Fabulous Jointed Hands

They are big, they are scary, they are beautifully made! So perfect! And they are for Cat; I bought them on Cat's behalf from Alice's Collections and they came in about a month (I am guessing they had them in stock) because I opted for the Free Airmail Shipping which has about the same urgency as a pizza flyer. After looking at these, I went back and ordered some smaller and more human ones for Rain, my IOS G, so he can hold tools more effectively. They are also on sale right now. :D


  1. These hands are very pretty, I adore long-nailed fingers. ~ x3

  2. I was surprised at how large they were! I have big hands and they are longer than my palm when fully extended. The detail is so beautiful, they were very carefully made. Alice's Collections is pleasant to work with, too. :D


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