Ersa Flora Eyes

I just love doll eyes, especially the novelty ones. I've been meaning to buy some eyes from Shelly (Ersa Flora) for ages, but instead last year did a Happy Camille Wig order, and then didn't get around to the metallic eyes because at the time I didn't have anyone here who could use them. But eventually I am getting a Granado Sidonia, and I would like to do her up as fu-minn's 3d character Ami, with cyborg/clockwork eyes. I love both of these eyes a lot--at the moment Granado Fayette, who is a similar size, is modelling them. The clockwork eyes are sold singly for 15.00 each, so I just bought one to see if it would work, and now I think I will buy a second one. The blue-silver awesome eyes were 15.00 a pair as I recall, and I love them--I think the metallics that came with Paratiisi may have been Ersa Floras. They catch the light amazingly!


  1. Oh I have seen eyes like that but not for the wonderful price you paid. I love it. Rob and I have been re-watching Startrek and I now would love to have a Borg doll.

    1. ZOMG how cool a Borg doll would be! Lots of sculpey would be involved, I think!


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