Mitsuwa Cuties..and some Elk

Today J and I went back up to Mitsuwa; Akutenshi very kindly told me of the time and the date; and I was having so much fun there that I forgot to take many pictures. I also forgot to make notes afterwards of who belonged to whom. All I can say is that it was The Planet of the Cute. Akutenshi brought her Soom Grey, and he is a gorgeous color, as well as being larger than I remembered (Soom msd dolls are the perfect size for taking out and about; they are bigger than tinies and harder to lose, but small enough to pack well.) She also had a Sueve-Adamelli hybrid that was making me regret not trying harder to get her or a Marl, because the hooves are so cute (and she stands beautifully). Of course I forgot to take pictures of either of these, or her winged fairy, and only remembered when she took out a reworked msd dress that was also adorable (Apparently everyone in Chicagoland sews. Really well.) Here is the dress:

The real colors are much softer and nicer, the fluorescent lighting in that section of Mitsuwa gives everything a sort of cyberpunk glow, especially with my camera. Here's another cutie belonging to another doll owner, who may be named Jrock. The remarkable thing about this Little Fee is the skill of his tattoos, and the size of them--some of the characters are the same size as the text here, all beautifully painted.

Here's a friend of his, also beautifully painted:

Those two were both Fairyland Little Fee. I think the man in the hoodie is a Kid Delf, but I am not sure--I was actually very interested in his beanbag chair, which would be the perfect, not-scratching way to have my non-sitting dolls sit without falling over. I need to make a big test one and see if it works.

And here is a little more camera flail, this time with a DollZone dragon (MUCH larger than I thought from the photos)

And a truly horrendous photo of an Aileen Doll dragon, blank:

He was a seamless little guy, and perfect to fit in the palm of one's hand, and actually in focus in person :D. I think the small cat with the insane grin behind the Dragon is a Pipos Cheshire, but I forgot to ask.

J went over to Rockler to see what they had, so he had a good time too. I would have bought rice cakes and ramen, but I spent my lunch money on two kimonos, sewed expertly by the putative Jrock (I need to go check with Akutenshi to get her name correct, because there were still many unsold kimono in Jrock's bag and they were all stunning.) I'll take photos of them tomorrow in daylight.

And on the way home we discovered the Elk Grove does, indeed, have an Elk Grove. With a herd of elk.