Six Arms are Better than Four

Ilsonya found a promo pic from Souldoll and cranked up the Brightness so the details are actually visible. No one is quite sure how big this guy will be--Souldolls run small. There was also some discussion as to whether this qualified as an arachnid, and they decided probably "yes" if you include the regular legs, and it was fine as long as Souldoll did not try for "Millipede" later. I love reading the comments on Ilsonya's blog, even when they are hard to read because Google tacks on the Russian endings to nouns, so you have to think a minute about the word you are looking at.

Also discovered by Ilsonya is a new Aileen doll dragon, the little pink cutie on the left:

It's not on the website yet, but keep checking under the "Petdoll" tab at

This link goes to the Black Ash Dragon, tab is over his head.