Claude Wiggles His Ears

And blinks. Stupid as this is, this is my very first piece of animation. :D


  1. Hahaha! Now all he needs is a 'good pick up line'!

    That's pretty seamless and nice timing, too, not too fast, not too slow. But I can't stop laughing when I see it. ^_^ Great job!

  2. The timing is harder than it looks--I had to try several speeds in Photoshop to see what looked natural. It was so much fun! And your package came! Someone gets to model it today!

    1. I can't wait so see! I do hope you like it.

      Just a note, if you use 'reply' under the comment, rather than commenting in turn, the person gets a note saying someone has responded. ^_^

    2. Well look at that! It's super nice and it's easy to put on, too!


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