Cat on the Roof

We had a windstorm Friday and then a leak around the bathroom fan, so J went up on the roof today to patch it. Once he got up there and settled down, I asked him "What do you see?" There was a pause, and then J said "Cat poop."

And here is the perp, trying to figure out what J is doing on the roof:

And here, probably to see if J is also using the roof as a catbox -.-

That is how the cat gets up there, he just climbs the pergola.

As well as going to Home Depot, we also went to the Spirit of Halloween, now open. They have Zombie Lawn Jockeys, which I took a surreptitious, blurry photo of here:

They also had wigs, but at twice the cost of Party City's wigs..though I almost bought a wig for a Monster High girl costume that was for the Yeti (I forget her name, Abby something :D) that had soft silver fibers mixed with irridescent fibers--but it would have been sad to cut it up and no way am I dressing up as a Monster High girl for Halloween; I am totally a different shape, for one thing. And a lot taller. I did finish making Terra's "messy" wig out of the Crazy Caveman wig:

I also realized yesterday that his cute default hands are actually "bow hands", which was very clever sculpting: