Schaumberg Dolls

Saturday we drove to Schaumberg, just because we hadn't been there before--among other things there is a large enclosed mall, and a Japanese/Asian supermarket with a food court. The Mitsuwa Marketplace is pretty cool, though not an easy ride from our house--my car won't make it up there, since it requires freeway driving and I am not sure the squirrels propelling my car can run that fast. It's also further than I can walk back. On the other hand, Mitsuwa has ingredients that are interesting to J to cook with, so we may get up there occasionally. I did find something that I was interested in--rice cakes with bean paste! This was lunch for me--I ordered something unfortunate from the dim sum place and while the bok choy garnish was great, the main dish was not. But I made a serious dent in the rice cakes :D

This expedition took up most of the day, so there was only just time for a couple of photos of Fu Bai, one of the Soom Sphalers here. This is the one I liked the best:


  1. We have a Marukai two citys over out here. Like a mini-department store, complete with video rental and book-shop corner as well as two restaurants, one catering to the japanese school age palate with omu rice and yakisoba bread, anything you see in anime. If you get the canned red bean paste it's a wonderful change of pace on pancakes and baked into the middle of muffins.
    These need to be thicker on the ground in the USA. O_O

  2. They are fun--this market looks like the food turns fast, too, so you aren't peering into the wrapping, wondering if the "sell by..." date is correct (or if you are looking at fish or candy ;) ) I need to look more carefully at the food court--I just got a "plate of something" to go with my milk bubble tea, because I haven't had a bubble tea for over a year, but I will be more choosy next time. :D


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