The Whispering Grass Frog

Yes, I bought this Frog. I realize that the Frog is a technically "a tiny", but I did not buy it for me. I was hoping it will come in time for Christmas, but it looks like Valentine's Day-- that is ok too. Someone else thought it was cute :D

The Frog:

The Princess:

When she posted this photo she added "I am here for your Dalmatians", but it also shows her new hair streaks. I think she should do her whole head that color.


  1. That first photo just says beatrix potter! I didn't think of it before, except maybe wind in the willows, but now I'm starting to 'go green' myself!

    1. It's like Mrs. Tiggywinkle's cousin! I have liked all the bjd frogs and toads (I think Pipos has a frog too), but this one was particularily cute. (And I love all Ira Scargeear's creations and would like to support her.) And K *really* wanted the Soom Toad and this one is even cuter.


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