JennyNemesis' Nails and some Doll Boots

JennyNemesis did her nails and sent me the pic--it was a three step process, and came out so cool she had to share how they came out. The end result was some of my favorite colors anyway (and that might be as close as you can come to having dichroic glass nails), and for some reason I started to think of what else I had laying around that I could customize like JN's nails. It had to be something fairly stiff, or the paint would crack off, so that meant no fabric, but I did have some boring white dollie boots that Tesla had been wearing, and I thought painting could make them look a lot more interesting.

Here is where I did an undercoat of black to cover the Mighty White (you can see the white boot in the back). Then a lot of painting happened late last night. This is the result in the morning:

And Tesla in the boots:

Tesla sneaks into the shop, looking for loose cords:

(I need to go find a small can of lavender spray acrylic and at least do her neck and shoulders to match her head. The problem is finding the color, as I can imaging most buyers of spray paint are not interested in pale lavender..."Riot Red" and "Bitchin' Blue", yes; but anyone tagging in "Misty Lavender" is probably asking for trouble in the 'hood.)

Stripey does not approve of these dollie shenanigans: