Cake and Vampires

K came today to stay for a week, and we moved a lot of things around in the house to make room for a guest bed. This made Stripey convinced that we were going to move again, so she threw up on the carpet (twice); but once the twin bed got put in the studio, she seemed to figure out she wasn't slated to be pushed into a box, and then she calmed down.

K and I went to Costco, where we discovered than vampires don't like Costco's short hours (they seem to never be open at night):

While we were at Costco K saw the giant chocolate cakes, which are way too large even for three people, but K said "That was the cake that got me through mono! I have fond memories of that cake!"

So we decided we would buy it anyway, though I knew J would say "he could have made one", and then we would have a couple of slices, and J could bring it to the kitchen at work Tuesday and it would disappear. But it turns out that tomorrow at his work is the "Health Fair" where everyone comes in, has a "healthy breakfast" gets weighed and is introduced to several exercise plans, so J wasn't willing to bring in the cake. I said that was fine, he could bring it in Wednesday and say "Thank goodness that health fair is over."

Then we got down to the serious business of deciding where we would eat out during the week. For Tuesday night we picked the Thai restaurant in Naperville, because K likes their fish and soup. She said, however, that this time she "would not put the leftover salmon in her purse" because it leaked, and then she had to throw that purse away.

And while we were shopping earlier, I got a purple Migma body in the mail! At last, Raisin is all one color. :D


  1. Our older cats used to do the same thing. Any sign of moving was 'teh horror'.

    The vampire thing is just awesome! ROFL!

    Raisin is gorgeous! And I just can't keep up with all your lovely photos. The doll clothing artists links are wonderful, I've never seen their work before, thank you for sharing! ^_^

    1. K was the one that spotted the Costco Vampire! LOL And thank you! (The body actually came with the Vampire head, but I just said "You will be called Violet and sit in a box for now" since I will probably never get a second lavender body..this one was such a find!)


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