Rolling Porcelain Dolls

I needed some more tiny frames, so last night J and I went out to eat at Panera, and stopped by the Goodwill store in the same shopping center. Goodwill has gotten very slick and organized these days; they even have a loyalty card, though it's an interesting thought as to how they could "order more of x" if so much of what they get is donations. But anyway, I went in fully intending just to run to the back where the "hard goods" are, and picking up whatever teeny frames they had, when I discovered that Halloween had come to Goodwill. And yes, there were wigs. So after some dithering I bought a short brown-black one (3.99) to scissor up. Then one rack over, I found dolls. Mostly really dire vinyl ones, but underneath those vinyl dolls I could see some lace, and a moment later I hauled up a huge 65 cm porcelain doll in a faaabulous outfit. So into the basket she went (6.99). I found a frame (with a faux Kincaid) (1.99) and checked out. I was planning on rolling the poor doll for her clothes and possibly her wig, and dropping her back into the Goodwill donation bin, but she is in rough shape:

To start with, she has a broken hand, and a broken shin:

So Ingrid, (yes, that is always a bad sign when I can immediately think of a name for a doll) will have the broken limbs trimmed off and replaced with sculpey ones, and I am thinking of just redoing her entire cloth body to be more in scale with her head. So Ingrid will be another play project.

Here's the outfit:

On a serious note, I have to say how much I am grateful for the Goodwill. They provide me with toys and art projects now, but when K was a baby and we were living in the Northwest with no money, they made it possible for us to have some furniture, sheets, towels, and clothes for K, who needed new clothes every 2 months because she grew so fast. And they give stuff a second chance to get used and not clog up a landfill. And everything gets used and appreciated--even Ingrid's odd little purse: