Dress for an Avatar

An actual sewn dress for Jade, my Peakswood/Lishe combo! For years she has worn scarves and bits of jewelry instead of real clothes. The dress is very well made, it is from SewingBoxDesign's Etsy story (on the sidebar of the blogs list for a link).


  1. I love that green wig! She's so cute!

    It sounds like she's finally escaped from a harem. ^_^

  2. It's the fate of fairies to be underdressed, too...one year she just had some dried flowers and ribbon in a sort of bikini, until I decided it looked itchy. :D The dress looks far more comfy!

    1. Hmm, sounds like someone needs a dress made of flower petals. ~_^
      I'm so glad, usually I just copy what people want but the shirt dresses were my own brain thingie.


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