The Dress on Cecilia

It fits perfectly--it's too bad it's not in great shape. (Some of the trim is hot-glued on.) I'm hoping to take a pattern off it later.


  1. I thought, Oh it's a gorgeous match with her eyes and skin, but then it hit me, duh, artist at work! ^_^ Too bad about the hot glue. That stuff is evil.

    1. LOL, it was pure serendipity, especially since that dress fits like it was *made* for Cecilia. The glue isn't great, but the fabric on the back of the dress is also worn through in several places--like the original owner was not only dropped, but somehow dragged along; maybe out of a cart in the warehouse. The fact that the colors are so splendid are sort of holding me back from unpicking it and using for a pattern, though.


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