The Woman of a Thousand Wigs

Yesterday my mailman showed up at 10 AM, on the basis that he had an "Express Package"; it turns out that someone at the suburban sorting center had misinterpreted what Express Mail Service actually means once it hits the US (regular First Class, as far as I can tell, it's basically "Mail from Overseas that has been through Customs".) It was my Granado Katrien head; I wasn't expecting her because she had sat around in Customs at O'Hare for three days because of the holiday, not being updated. So her dress wasn't finished, partly because I also have had real work to do, and there is a chipmunk loose in the house; which is another story. Anyway, I had ordered and received a wig for her, but once I put it on I wasn't thrilled with it, pretty though it was:

So I tried a rapid succession of other wigs. (Katrien is a BIG head from Granado, I think she could wear Leeke and Volks wigs, size 9)

(I just love that fantasy rainbow one on her; I may try to make her another bigger one in those colors)

This is the one I think she will be in:

I love how pretty she is--she reminds me of a classic French porcelain doll.