More Benmore, Stock Nasturtiums

I thought I had killed the nasturtiums by planting them in a hot plastic planter in full sun, but no, it just took them a while to get started. The no-watermark version of this photo is here, if you need a nasturtium for something (?) 3438x2424 pixels

And here is a good yellow one (no bug, either)

Here's the download: 3456x2592 pixels

In other news, the sea lettuce has eaten my pond. I had to take out about half the plants last week, so I could feed the fish, and considering two months ago I plunked down 5.00 a plant at the supply store, I probably put 100.00 worth of plants into the compost pile. But no one wants them back, and at least with the hyacinths, the fish also got to eat quite a few of them; though I think the fish couldn't eat another bite at this point. Most of the fish are now at least 10 inches long and really too large for my bathtub sized pond, but unless Contractor Tony can find time to finish their new Pond Mahal, they may have to overwinter at my place again.

And finally, I poked at Antoine's face a bit more. It's a strange faceup, but it's an even odder sculpt--it would probably make a decent girl with the right painting.

Rumor has it that one of the main Soom sculptors went off to Latidoll last year, and their large sculpts have been different-- Garnet has been the only one who had a face I would have bought on it's own merits this year. But for the tiny lovers, their tinies have been freakin' adorable, so Soom is still doing well.