Flat Bastard

This fine-toothed file had been sitting around in a toolbox belonging to some ancestor of J's, and I discovered it works very well for some doll-related modding. I decided that I needed to shorten the upper side pieces of my Granado Terra's knees. The sides of the knees weren't supported by the kneecap, and the pressure of the elastic was making the sides of the knees bow outwards, and I was concerned that eventually they would crack. So I carefully filed down the sides until there was a hairline gap between the upper and the lower pieces, and the pressure on the thigh was spread across the kneecap instead of the side pieces. Here are the knees now:

You can still see a little daylight on the edges of his knees, but that is from the warping from before--they may eventually sit closer to the knee if I put elastic around them, but for now they are ok. Here is the back:

And to make up for the indignity of sawing at his knees, I am making him a wig..not that it's the best wig, but at least it isn't blue, which is the other one he's been wearing.