Some Iplehouse Clothes

I've been so busy these last two weeks, I decided that I would actually buy some doll clothes, instead of sewing.:o Iplehouse also had a shoe sale, so I bought some tiny shoes:

ZOMG so cute! Here they are on Marilyn, an SID Jessica; they fit perfectly though there are no toes peeping in the "peep toes" which is fine with me.

I also bought a blue T-shirt, which is labelled as either SID or EID, and comes in several colors. It's super-stretchy, so I think it would fit fine on an EID as well; here is Marilyn:

Here are the other items I bought. (Ignore the human-sized necklace, I am going to restring it to be doll-sized..when I get some time.

The little black dress (shown above on NYID Moth), the stockings, the underwear and the necklace are all part of the NYID "Glow Dress" set, and the dress is great--the zipper in back doesn't have a big head on it, and it goes down far enough you can squeeze the dress on over the doll's legs, though it is a good idea to turn the dress around with the zipper in front when you do this, as it's tight. However, the top part is plenty stretchy, so it can fit over even a Glamour bust. Moth has just the Large Bust, and it fits fine; there is even room for a lining slip. (I was told some of the denim can leave marks, so I was being cautious.) The necklace also fit fine--I couldn't fasten it, but there is nothing wrong with the catch, it's just a style that my stiff fingers can't always manipulate, and my friends the needle-nose pliers can't grip it properly. (I use two sets of the pliers like prosthetics on some days). The stocking just barely go up, but once up, they stay--they actually fit a little better on Marilyn, who has thinner legs.

The only fail item was the black underwear--the elastic on the top was too tight to go up even over Marilyn's slimmer thighs

So there is no way it would fit on Moth, who is Mighty, or EID big girl Hyacinth.But they fit perfectly on the old Super Gem female body, so someone (someone without hooves) will be wearing them:

Here is the EID lace dress on Hyacinth the Barbarian, who says: "The little tunic has many holes and the dagger will show", which is not usually a problem with evening-wear accessories.

However, it IS short so I would probably pair it with leggings or the Peach lingerie set, as All Is Revealed when the wearer sits.

Hyacinth thinks this is better, though I do not:

Hyacinth, by the way, is an Iplehouse EID Aurora.