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When I was in my twenties, and wanted to sew myself something to wear, I would go and look for McCalls' Marlo Thomas line of patterns. Marlo, the star of "That Girl" (and still Phil Donahue's wife, as far as I know,) either by accident or design was precisely my shape, so I never had to alter the patterns, and the colors that she liked (late seventies navy blue, peach, yellow and candy pink) were all colors I could wear too. So I made myself several outfits and wore them until they fell apart. However, time has passed and now I resemble this famous person (the nose is spot on):

So much of my shopping is done at Target in colors that George would approve of--black, white,light blue and browns. But every now and then I decide this is boring, and I buy something a little more fashionable. The end result looks like I am trying to channel Vivienne Westwood,here seen in 1570:

or Zhandra Rhodes,

or more likely, this guy:

I have discovered that Gloria Vanderbilt jeans (Gloria apparently looks like a swan, according to her tags) from Costco fit me perfectly, and I pair them with animal print shirts from Target and shoes from Payless. (K says I "make Jimmy Choo cry")

I admit that last week I did buy a pair of jeans that had tiny adorable polka dots on them, that Marlo Thomas would have worn in 1978, just for old time's sake, though I will have to let out the calves a little. The designer obviously does not spend 3 days a week mowing a 1/4 acre of lawn with a push mower, uphill both ways.


  1. I laughed out loud a real LOL!! I'm the same vintage and my nose looks like that too. The rest is pretty much the same too.
    On DoA I'm Lilsgirl.
    I'm still chuckling.

  2. So nice to see you here! Of course you don't look like George, you look like an angelic Sidonia. :D


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