A Dollie Bargain

This pretty lady is an Iplehouse Aurora, the blonde doll whose concept art is on this blog entry:


I saw her in passing on the Marketplace, but at the time I wasn't sure I had the funds for her, even though she was half the original price (I was still waiting for paychecks to come in, and to see where I was with taxes), and I was thinking of maybe ordering Aaliyah..but as much as I adore dolls, every now and then a little rationality comes in and when I added up the options I wanted for Aaliyah, the answer was "too much"--and seeing how other older Iplehouse specials have held up on the secondary market, I knew I would only get back the full price only if I kept her Mint in Box, which isn't much fun, or if I wanted to sell her for a slight profit, I would have to buy Aaliyah as a fullset; which meant that I could have bought, say, a used car instead. So I went and instead bought Aurora, who I will happily abuse as I am not planning on buying her as an investment, and who also I partly paid for by selling the Cass Shell Ears. (Bubbles will never notice). And a few years from now Aaliyah will not be the New Face and I will be able to buy her for a more modest sum, even if I will not be getting the eyes, clothes, fancy hands, feet and ears, none of which I really wanted anyway. (An Egyptian Princess has no use for that stuff).

I just realized that I have Aurora's limited wig here...:D