Iplehouse Doria

Iplehouse did a redesign of the big EID bodies (new joints) and is now rolling them out along with a new "story"; originally titled "Bloody Tales of Bran", which caused some fits of giggling on Den of Angels as one person said "it sounds like an unpleasant breakfast item", upon which the titling mysteriously shifted to "Bloody Tales of Castle Bran", which I like much more, since it implies that there are a group of people in one place, misbehaving. Doria is fun because she has an extra head, a totally over-the-top, Immortality-of Soul type vampire head including wild horns AND pointy ears. It's like some of Soom leaked over to Iplehouse. I don't need a fab vampirette, though her new cousin Aaliyah is tempting--and now of course I am waiting to see if Aaliyah has a spare head, too. The english-version of Iplehouse is Iplehouse.net, by the way, not .com as the photo shows..and understandably, the servers over there are reeeeeally slow. If I had Aaliyah, I would ignore the whole vampire tale and do her in 15th century Persian clothing, or perhaps 19th century Egyptian or Turkish outfits. Anything with sequins and tassels. :D

Sales link (they say "Sold Out" because they are not "live" yet--or as live as vampires can be, I guess...

Doria and Aaliyah Sales Pages

Edit--Ooo, there is not only an extra head, there are claw hands too. Aaliyah now looks a bit like Soom's Epidia, without the paws and tail. Hmm, I wonder if people will get both, and sell her human head, like Epidia's head is now floating about the MP.


  1. Hiya -- this is Ashbet from DoA/Flickr!

    I got Aaliyah -- and am now engaged in a complicated series of negotiations for a split using CDS so that I can get a spare body for her extra head! Going to have SO much fun with the OTT vampire . . . and the human Aaliyah is going to join my stable of IH Glamazons, for whom I periodically buy casual clothing and then they all wind up looking like Bond babes *grin*

    Maybe Aaliyah will be willing to wear more color -- but right now, Kumari (my Asa) is dressed in the sexy-assassin outfit with the pleather and mesh panels -- oh my!

    Cheers, and I would LOVE to see your Persian-themed Aaliyah -- bet she'd be stunning with kohled eyes and veils!

    -- A ;)

  2. I loove the word "glamazon" and that is what she will be..alas I will have to wait for my Aaliya until she hits the secondary market--I spent all my dollie money for this quarter already (those doll companies just know when to pop out great dolls as soon as my bank account is empty!) Looking forward to seeing yours!


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