Garden and Gun

J decided that he wanted to make a "challenging" cake, so he found a mention of an Arnold Palmer cake that required making cake, pudding and a granola crumble all at once. The cake is named after the golfer Arnold Palmer, who liked to drink a 50-50 mix of lemonade and tea between rounds, and the cake has both tea and lemon in it. Looking online for a recipe, J found one on the website/magazine Garden and Gun, which we both looked at in mild astonishment. The Venn diagram of who likes duck hunting and fancy cooking AND home decorating is pretty small, if you think about it--I mean, you can get people who like to garden for food and hunt for food themselves, like these guys:

And they cook, too; so an article that discusses the multiple uses of coffee cans as cake forms, or ammo storage, would work for them. But do they decorate? You can get people who do fancy cooking and home decorating (and even build themselves enviable kitchen/playhouses in their back forty acres) but do they really have time to hunt anything besides good radicchio?

But after some thought, we came up with the ONE person the Garden and Gun magazine would appeal to:

Although I am not sure she is still allowed to own guns, I am sure she knows the correct way to prepare any ducks you might have shot and brought into the kitchen.*

The cake, by the way, was a semi-success--the pudding/ lemon curd layer was delicious, the tea jelly was delicious, the granola crumble was delicious, the tea-infested cake part was..odd. I said it was a little like Japanese candy--not too sweet and with a peculiar mouth feel. Perhaps a little too much like recycled ants, though without the formic acid taste. J will do another version later but with a standard vanilla cake, no tea. And it will be a Good Thing.

*Apply gold leaf.