Hipsters at the Club

K went out to a club with Bob and Andy. Andy, who is on a budget, is clutching his beverage because before 11PM, probably in an effort to get people into the club earlier, beer is 1.00. I can only imagine that we are not talking fancy microbeers here, but Andy had a strategy for getting maximum beer for his money. He bought 4 beers and carefully arranged them before his non-beer drinking buddies, and then worked his way around. I am thinking he probably needed the calories as much as the alcohol. K said the music was good and they had a great time, though another friend peed on her shoe. At least this happened outside the club in the parking lot.

And in other news, I got my taxes finished, at least as far as I know--my accountant may have another opinion. I had to account for overpaying the state three cents, or at least find a spot to put the money so it wasn't obviously a mistake, because I do not feel like filing an amended return so that Illinois can send me a check for three cents, which would cost the taxpayers at least a dollar in time, paper and postage. But there is no line on the forms where you can say "I cannot add and I have this extra 3 cents I sent you in error so just stick it in a cup or something, OK?". But I found a transaction where I could shove it in and now everything balances fine, though it looks odd that one would do a swap of stuff for exactly x plus..3 cents. My next return, to quote Ed Wood, will be MUCH better. For one thing, I have found scanning everything makes life better. And the ink doesn't fade like it does on receipts now.