A Toad from Soom

This month Soom is doing the story of Thumbelina. The Toad was supposed to be a lousy husband prospect; but Soom has made him squeeably cute. Look at those little toes! you can also get the field mouse, also a cutie, or some nice fairies or Thumbelina herself, but really, buy the Toad. ZOMG adorable. Where to buy his cute self:


Order period is March 6th to March 20th. Also the faceup (which you will want) and the darling clothes..are cheap; 35.00 and 38.00 respectively, and if you add body blushing (35.00) he won't need any other clothes. I'm wondering, if I buy a toad as an accessory to another doll, would that count as "buying a tiny" (which I am not allowed) or buying an accessory, like a purse? I am looking around at the dolls.."Who needs a toad here?" Someone must need a toad.